Hi! I'm Paulina,  a  flight attendant currently eating my way around the world. When I'm not traveling, I live in Los Angeles, by way of Chicago, by way of Paris, by way of San Francisco.


I started baking as early as the 4th grade, so I've had a passion and love for food and cooking for as long as I can remember. Being half-Filipino, food is a huge part of our culture and we will often throw parties for no reason other than an excuse to just eat and eat and eat for hours. My Grandmother is an excellent cook, and I gained a lot of what I know from her as well as her intuition when it comes to cooking. However, my love for food and cooking really exploded when I became a flight attendant nearly 7 years ago (!) and was based in Chicago. The combination of being in such an AMAZING food city and flying around all the time made me really love coming home to my own kitchen and creating a delicious home cooked meal for me and my orphan flight crew roommates. It made us feel like a family, and that was so comforting when first starting what can be such a lonely job , despite being around hundreds of strangers day in and day out. The typical life of a flight attendant includes 14 hour work days, and scarfing down a protein bar/bag of potato chips/instant oatmeal that's been rolling around in the bottom of your bag for dinner; that inspired the name for this blog. One Thanksgiving in particular, after flying everyone to their families and their celebrations, everything in our layover city was closed except for the movie theater and we ended up having popcorn for what I like to call The World's Saddest Thanksgiving Dinner.


 My travels around the world have greatly inspired me to have this space where I can combine my love for creating all things (I didn't go to art school for nothing!) and share the beautiful people and places and food I see in this world and hopefully inspire others to make things too!